About Me.

Deremier Humphrey is a freelance artist currently residing in Marietta, Georgia.

She graduated from Kennesaw State University's School of Art and Design with a BFA in Visual Arts with a concentration in Drawing and Painting. Her work has been exhibited and sold in many galleries around Atlanta. When she isn't working on a new piece she can usually be found enjoying a couple of hours with a good video game or cooking and/or eating great food. (like Shabu Shabu)


Artist Statement .

In my work, I seek to create a dialogue between one’s imagination and the solid, waking world. I find myself interested in the idea that unconscious thought exists as a vapor, or smoke trail, hanging and drifting over us but invisible to us all the same, as we exit sleep or daydreams. Our unconscious thoughts exist in the foreground of our memory in our daydreams, but are pushed backward as we wake. They exist as background noise, their effect on us still present, but distant and unnoticed at the same time.

While keeping these ideas in mind, I allow my drawing surface, various types of bought and found wood pieces, inform me on what type of composition or objects I should include. Though I mostly work figuratively, focusing almost exclusively on the female figure, different knots in the wood or stains, natural or otherwise, give me clues to what type of story would be most befitting to the surface. My color palette is intentionally reductivist, mimicking the ethereal nature of dreams and unconscious thought. Using inks and watercolor, as well as coffees and tea I want to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through, creating a harmony between the imagery and the surface. Each piece as I create it acts as a way I can further explore my own thoughts and emotion and gain a greater understanding of myself, which I hopefully can impart on the viewer to create a similar dialogue within themselves.

The lightboxes I create however deal more with the unexpected and whimsical. Through the use of translucent velum and cut paper, I attempt to create a simplified, dream-like snapshot of a world of simple shapes, but unfortunate situations. The duality of being sucked into the bright, colorful, and seemingly harmless scene, while slowly coming to the realization that things are not as they seem is a sensation I quite frankly love instilling in the viewer.